Contribute a Iota

While this page does look like the obligatory "please donate" stuff, the main reason I put it here is not to earn money but to see if people want to me to do more on the site.

If quantifying the potential risks is something that sufficient number of people will express interest in, I can put in the data for many more cryptocurrencies, I can put it the charts with historical VaR trends for them, and perhaps most useful I can put in a calculator which would tell you the risk of your portfolio based on the mix of currencies you have.

But obviously there is no need to do any of that if nobody cares! So if you do, you should tell me. And since you are into crypto then you are all about breaking new ground - so how about we use crypto-facilitated micro-transactions to let me know that you want to see some more from this site. There is a new cryptocurrency that is perfect for this task - Iota. Iota is fast and has no fees, and designed for micro-transactions from the get go, which means you can quite literally send me a cent or two with a message. So it would cost you effectively nothing, and as a bonus you get to learn about this new technology! So if that sounds like a fun thing to do, use the address at the top of the page. And if it sounds boring but you still want to vote with your wallet, I also put an ETH address there.

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